The Neighbors Helping Neighbors Campaign:

People were living in tents, under bridges and under decks this summer. They were on their own and on the outside. And now winter is here.

According to the latest U.S. Census data, nearly one in ten Addison County residents live below the poverty line. They are always on the edge of homelessness and hunger. Our community worries about this – and we are responding. Shelter from the cold. Meals for the hungry. Support to get lives back on track. This is our objective – and we have raised over $400,000 toward our goal of $550,000 through the Neighbors Helping Neighbors campaign.

The money raised from this specific campaign will be put towards the urgent needs of our building. Here’s what we planned to do at the beginning of the NHN Campaign, and what we’ve accomplished so far:

Replace the 60 year-old boiler and heating system – DONE

Efficient heating is essential for our long-term sustainability. On a typical winter day, the temperature varies as much as 20-degrees from room to room.

Repair the chimneys and roof

The two chimneys need repointing or removal. The roof’s substructure needs strengthening and the roof slates need replacement. Estimated cost: $12,000.

Fix a drafty home – DONE

Common sense tells us that sealing up a home saves on fuel, reduces drafts, and makes for a cozy place in which to live. Estimated cost: $14,500.

Replace windows

By replacing our leaky old window casings, we will save on energy and have a healthier home environment. Estimated cost: $33,000.

Asbestos remediation – DONE

Inspections have revealed asbestos around heating pipes throughout much of the building. Removal or stabilization is required. Estimated cost: $45,000.

Repair structural weaknesses

Structural posts and joists – some in place for over 220 years – need to be replaced. When the work is done, Charter House will have a firm foundation for decades to come. Estimated cost: $34,000.

Upgrade bathrooms

All our facilities are heavily used and need improved venting, humidity control, flooring, and fixtures. Estimated cost: $24,000.

Bring entrance ramp and doors up to code

Unassisted wheelchair access is currently exceedingly difficult. We need to level out the top of the ramp to make sure it is safe, especially in the winter. Estimated cost: $6,000.

Second floor accessibility lift

This will enable us to serve families with physical challenges that we cannot serve at present. It is also required for us to receive essential government funding. Estimated cost: $45,000.

Install vinyl floors throughout building

This flooring is easier to maintain and important for the health of our guests and staff. Estimated cost: $31,000.

Upgrade stair railing to bring up to codes

We will preserve our historically significant railings as we bring them up to the current height standard. Estimated cost: $8,000.

Repair the leaky sprinkler system

This will eliminate an ongoing drain on our maintenance costs, while better protecting our guests, volunteers, and staff from fire. Estimated cost: $20,000.

Install fire doors

These doors are required for us to comply with fire safety codes, and essential to keep our community safe. Estimated cost: $6,000.

Meeting all building, health, and sanitation codes

Our kitchen has served over 30,000 meals a year using old appliances and counters designed for private homes. These will be replaced with commercial grade equipment that meets all health and safety codes. Upgrades to our wiring will meet fire safety codes in the kitchen and throughout the house. Estimated cost: $100,000.